Learn to Improvise!

6 week improv class starting Thursday, Nov 30th. Neibyl Proctor Library 6501 Telegraph Ave. Oakland

Next Jam: 8:00 pm, Thursday, Dec. 7th, $10 Temescal Art Center, 511 48th St. Oakland, CA


Contact Michael Davenport at michaeldavenport78@gmail.com if you have any questions.



Welcome to Oakland’s Morpho Theater! We will be offering classes and workshops starting in 2017. Subscribe to our mailing list for announcements.

Students at Morpho Theater learn to let go of inhibitions, give free rein to their creativity, and gain confidence. Instruction is based on the Chicago style of improvisational theater. Instruction is tailored to the goals and talents of each student and provides a fun, safe environment in which to explore improvisation, including:

  • Building trust within the group

  • Creating characters quickly

  • Exploring character relationships

  • Developing scenes with a scene partner

Workplace Workshops

Morpho Theater also offers workplace workshops that bring the creativity-inducing, team-building, morale-boosting fun of improv to the office or a staff retreat. Contact us and we will customize a workshop to meet your needs.